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ABA 11.7 and vCenter 6.5

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The Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7 Supported Operating System page ( only makes reference to ESXi and not to vCenter.  Is it safe to upgrade to vCenter 6.5 while leaving the hosts at ESXi 5.5 until we get our Acronis 12.5 licensing situated?

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vSphere 6.5 is not supported by 11.7 and it's very likely that there will be problems with backups even if you upgrade just the vCenter component, while leaving the ESXi hosts on 5.5 version. It would work only if you connect the Agent for VMware directly to underlying ESXi hosts bypassing vCenter, but this is not really good solution/workaround (connection through vCenter is always recommended to support VMs migration for example).

Thank you.

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i dont have any backup problems with vcenter 6.5 and abr 11.7. whats not working is acronisesxappliance on esxi 6.5 host. appliance wont start.

you can safely upgrade to vcenter to 6.5 but leave the esxi host on 6.0 or below. btw on the latest vcenter 6.5 there is a bug with content libraries which cannot be accessed anymore. keep that in mind before upgrading.