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Hyper-v cluster - All VMs don't showing in AMS and hyperVCluster

Thread needs solution
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I have problem whith VMs.

We have an Hyper-v cluster with 3 nodes and 10 VMs

In Hyper-v manager and failover cluster manager all VMs are showing.

But in AMS :

  - when i select HyperVCluster only 6 are showing

  - when i select all Virtual machine 7 are showing

All VMs was properly showing until 2 weeks ago.

Since these 4 VMs are no longer saved.

I don't anderstand what is the probleme

Many thank's

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Hello DOMJ,

Welcome to Acronis forum! Could you please share more details on your setup? Is the Agent for Hyper-V installed on every node of the cluster? The affected VMs, were they replicated or maybe cloned from one server to another with keeping the machine ID? 

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Hello Ekaterina,

Thank you for your interest and sorry for the late response.

Yes the agent is installed on each node, besides I see some virtual machines and not others of the same node.
Virtual machines were not replicated or cloned, but they could be dynamically moved from node to node.