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Problem with BSOD witn VM recoverd with Acronis Cloud

Thread needs solution
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Hi i took a back up a Server  Windows 2008 r2 SBS with acronis cloud to a network share (NAS), everything works fine, i recovered to another metal machine and works fine!

I tryied to recovered as VM in hyper-V in windows 2012 standard server. I've setup all agents and everything works fine in whole proccess. The problem is that i got BSOD in startup with message " error status 0xc0000001 Please shutdown this system and reboot into Directory services restore mode. "

I wend there and when the start proccess finished and the got log-in screen, my mouse is freezed.

I noticed that the Hyper-V runs from the network-share and not from local disk, also i noticed that because the restore proccess took few minutes something was not good, i thought that will transfer whole machine localy,  and in hyper-v console in the selected VM i saw that in SourceBackupLocation is =\\naas\backup.

So i've recovered a second machine with windows 7 as VM and works fine! But it is very slow because is getting data from network again.

So i have 2 Questions finally, one why im geeting  BSOD in win2008, and another why getting the data in real time from network share and not from C:. And what i have to do to recover the VM whole to C:\ localy.


Update for the 2nd question, i solved i did run as VM and not restore.

Question 1 about BSOD after recover a machine with domain controler still in que.

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Hello Stilianos,

Thank you for your posting! When working with Acronis Backup, make sure you are using the latest build, which is 50088 for Acronis Backup 11.7.  If you are migrating your physical server to a virtual machine, don't forget to apply Acronis Universal Restore to generalize drivers on the target system, otherwise the recovered system might fail to boot. I'd also recommend checking Bootability troubleshooting part of the userguide. 

I've also found the following discussions that might be helpful 

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If you are restoring a domain controller, please also refer to the following sources 

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Thank you,