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Replicating backup/cleanup task is in running state for a long time

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Hi guys / sifus,

Acronis backup advance 11.7 with build 50064.

Anyone experienced when backup to disk (1st location) is working without any issue, then it will replicate to tape. After backup task completed, it run the replicating backup/clean up task and it seem not running after I checked my tape is still in idle mode. I refresh the tape for rescan, tape vault and backup job as well but seem no luck.

There is an error message (not sure it related or not):

Log Entry Details
Type:                Error
Date and time:       12/6/2017 11:17:36 PM
Backup plan:         [None]
Task:                [None]
Managed entity type: [None]
Managed entity:      [None]
Machine:             SGRCSIBK01
Code:                16,318,468(0xF90004)
Module:              249
Owner:               Administrator
  ASYNC: Execution flow control job.
Additional info:
Error code: 4
Module: 249
LineInfo: 236aa8c5161dfba3
Fields:  TraceLevel : 1, $module : arsm_service_vs_50064
Message: ASYNC: Execution flow control job.
Error code: 4
Module: 249
LineInfo: 5ca4a58e87073833
Fields:  TraceLevel : 1, $module : arsm_service_vs_50064
Message: DML transaction operation batch processing job.
Error code: 4
Module: 249
LineInfo: a8a2f12032766906
Fields:  TraceLevel : 1, $module : arsm_service_vs_50064
Message: DML object inserting operation.
Error code: 32
Module: 252
LineInfo: a8a2f120327668be
Fields:  TraceLevel : 1, $module : arsm_service_vs_50064
Message: DML: Object ' Root (Composite)
   [Is (Common::String) = ArchiveManagement::SliceInfo]
   [Version (unsigned __int64) = 9]
   AdditionalInformation (Common::String) =
   Applications (Array)
     [IsContainer (Common::String) = vector]
   ArchiveKey (Common::String) = 4B544E52-69C3-4F88-9EC3-0529F667898A
   BackupSet (unsigned long) = 0
   CompressedDataSize (unsigned __int64) = 0
   CreationTime (__int64) = 1495199236
   DataSize (unsigned __int64) = 1685435731456
   DataType (unsigned long) = 0
   DeduplicatedSize (unsigned __int64) = 1685435731456
   Description (Common::String) = apsbdbs02
   DmlTimeStamp (__int64) = 1989461
   ID (Common::String) = SliceInfo_4B544E52-69C3-4F88-9EC3-0529F667898A_CA1CB4AF-0C19-4F0F-AA66-87306151C8DC
     [PrimaryKey (NIL)]
   IsSliceDeleted (bool) = true
   Kind (unsigned long) = 0
   MediaIDs (Array)
     [IsContainer (Common::String) = vector]
     0 (Common::String) = BDB465C9-F2C3-4ED9-B5B8-7FA3D3A5FA13
   MetaInformation (Array)
     [IsContainer (Common::String) = map]
   OriginalDataSize (unsigned __int64) = 2027682811392
   PreviousSliceKey (Common::String) =
   PreviousSliceUri (Common::String) =
   Size (unsigned __int64) = 468331941300
   SliceKey (Common::String) = CA1CB4AF-0C19-4F0F-AA66-87306151C8DC
   SliceUri (Common::String) = arl:/3CF1C1B4-7AC5-4B56-9F9E-EF4EEF71AB7B/75739388-495D-4CFD-B014-676C4A5A0427/4B544E52-69C3-4F88-9EC3-0529F667898A/CA1CB4AF-0C19-4F0F-AA66-87306151C8DC
   Traits (unsigned long) = 1
' already exists.
Acronis Knowledge Base:

Event code: 0x00F90004+0x00F90004+0x00F90004+0x00FC0020


Appreciate your advice here. Thanks.

Acronis Program Manager
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Hi David,

I've looked for your specific error codes in our database and couldn't find any similar reports - the problem is likely to deal with the tape location database or the Acronis Management Server database, though I coudn't find any relevant cases. You should collect the system report from the machine where tape drive is attached to + from Acronis Management Server (if it's on a different machine) and contact our support team for further assistance.

Thank you.