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unable to recover mail inbox - wrong permissions

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Hai all,


i have a serious problem while restoring the inbox from a MS Exchange 2010 server, version

Software is Acronis Advanced Backup for Virtualization in the newest release 50064, on the Exchange is installed:

- Agent Core

- Agent for Exchange

- Agent for VMware (Windows)

- Agent for Windows


I'm able to open the backup and look into it. Also i can go through it, and mark the needed files and/or complete inbox.

It fails while i try to restore the inbox with this message (s. attachment):


Modul: mms_vs_50064

Message: Login with the specified logon data is impossible because either the account does not exist or the password is invalid.


I tried this with different credentials:

- Task account

- Domain administrator

- my user account (is not the same account from the mailbox!)

I tried also to restore the PST file in different ways and got the same error.


If some more information is needed please ask.

Thanks in advance


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The credentials for the administrator, which where saved in the AMS, have not been executed for the "Task".

So i had to enter all passworts new (and again) which led to successfull recovery.