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Used Tapes in Acronis

Thread needs solution
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ich have an autoloader from quantum the model is superloader 3. My Problem is i done backups but acronis put always the same tape.


if i erease all tapes it uses all tapes, but if all tapes were in use acronis took always the same.



How can i define which Tape must be used?

or how can i define which Pool of Tapes must be used?

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Acronis Program Manager
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The tapes are picked up from Acronis or Free pool automatically for each backup. Note that you can control whether a new free tape will be used for each backup by using one of the options described in . If this doesn't help, then please describe your setup, e.g. do you have an autoloader, how many tape pools are configured, what are the settings of the backup tasks and especially the tape-related options + backup scheme (which also matters for tape backups). Some screen shots would be really helpful to understand what might be wrong.

Thank you.