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Acronis Backup 11.5: To Disk, replicate to Cloud recommendations

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We have Acronis Backup 11.5 with Cloud Subscription (2TB)

We have Windows 7 unit we want to image to disk and then replicate to cloud.

We traditionally have been doing a full image on first Sunday of month and all other days do a differential. With retention schedule to clear old backups when size exceeds 1.5TB. With this method we usually have multiple months of backups.

We have done this in the past, but didn't have cloud.

We know have cloud and configured same options, but not replicate to cloud. So my understanding is it will replicate the first image which could be fairly large to cloud. This could take a week to happen.

What happens the following day (while cloud replication still happening) and the first differential runs. Will no other backups run until the first backup job (cloud portion) finishes? Or will the disk side run and complete, but the cloud portion hangs until the other finishes or does it just try to go as well?

Lastly... what is recommended strategy? I would imagine since the full backups can be huge that maybe folks create a second backup plan that is strictly 1 full image and a bunch of incrementals that go to cloud... and never do another full for the cloud since it takes so long.

In our first example we do full image monthly so I am thinking this could be a problem if it takes a week to push it up.

Please share some wisdom on recommendations on making the cloud product useful and usable.



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Hi Greg!

If you activate replication in the existing plan, where 1,5 TB were already created, the first replication will copy all 1,5TB  to the cloud, so it will take a lot of time.

You have 2 options in this case:

1. Delete all old backups from the Acronis Backup console, leave only 1 full backup if possible. After that you can just edit the existing plan and activate there replication to cloud.

a. after that you can either manually start ONLY replication (right click on the plan - run - replication).

b. or you can run the whole backup plan (the backup itself+replication). But it will take more time, because at least 2 backups will be replicated: the first full backup and the new one.

2. Create the separate plan for the online backup. You can plan it for e.g. Friday so that the backup will run the whole weekend and on Monday it would be possible to proceed with the regular local backup.

I am happy to answer any questions.