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Acronis Cloud Backup

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I have 1TB cloud in acronis
I have a 86GB backup that i run in 6 Days, and it's just, 63%
i attach snap-in, to this problem
My internet is 40m download and 3m upload
Please, help me!
There is very very slow cloud backup
Thank you

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Hi Shay,

am I right if I say, that your upload speed is 30 MB?

Our datacenters are located in several states: Missouri, Massachusetts (United States), Strasbourg (France).

You backups are stored in Strasbourg, so please check your upload speed choosing as destination this state.

If speed is very different from which our program reports (6.466 MB/s), please contact our support team and we will be glad to help you with investigation.

More information you will find in this article.

I am happy to answer any questions.

Thank you.

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I have been an Acronis user for over 5 years. I have just started using Acronis Cloud and I am slowed to a crawl when accessing anything on my computer. Does a setting exist where when I am access anything Cloud throttles back? Having to stop and restart anytime I am on the web just doesn't seem quite right.