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archive is missing and backup keeps failing

Thread needs solution
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I have an active subscription for acronis backup to cloud 2 TB for a single server

I have three backup jobs running on weekly basis to three separate archive files

Few days ago I have noticed all three failed together

I checked the console on the server it shows me I have exceeded my quota limit witch is not true!

Also I have checked the web version of my quota it shows me the same!

Plus one of my archives is missing from the web console as well as acronis console

Currently only two archives are shown on the web and the console they are nearly 250GB

Which is correct

Where I can find my third archive?

How can I reclaim that space?


Any idea or help?

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Hi Shad,

I see that you have an open support case which is now handled by our support expert team. Please be sure we'll do our best to help you as soon as possible!

Thank you,