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Recovery Speeds

Thread needs solution
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We have several Acronis Backup to Cloud subscriptions and experiencing very slow recovery speeds.
These are across a very wide variety of ISPs (All good Fibre connections), Servers & PCs.

As I already have two tickets raised with Acronis support who seem unable to help I wanted to ask a simple question here in the hope someone may have some answers.

If I am using Acronis Cloud Backup, either PC backup to Cloud or the business volume subscription service, what recovery speeds am I expected to achieve?

For example....
Say my internet connection is a solid Fibre line at 80Mbps Down and 20Mbps up and I can guarantee those speeds are achievable by many different speed tests I perform and through Acronis' own speed test and Cloud Connection Verification Tests.

Am I to expect recovery speeds to be close to my maximum bandwidth of 80Mbps or is there a limit/cap from the Acronis Cloud Servers? Which may limit my actual recovery speed to say 20Mbps down.

Thank you, David

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Wow the lack of response really doesn't fill me with confidence using this product.

Anyway I finally got an answer from Acronis Support direct (Once they had run out of other excuses to fob me off with) and that was well... to wait for for version 12 due Q2 where apparently all the speed issues will be sorted out. I won't be holding my breath and if the speeds don't increase we're going to have to cancel all our cloud subscriptions as it's useless how it is now.

Btw, max download speeds I get tend to be around the 10-15Mbps range. No matter what account or what type of restore job.

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Hi David,

Thank you for your question! Basically the download/upload speed to our datastores is limited only to your network connection. If you experience some performance issues during backup or recovery to Acronis Cloud, I would suggest checking the Internet connection speed to the particular datastore with If the speedtest results (download speed) are significantly (several times) bigger than the speed of the recovery, contact Acronis Support Team to investigate the issue.

Thank you!