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Send Email on succesfull job

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How i could send this notification? I have configured email correctly and the test works, but i dont find the notification for a ended job, there are only for failed jobs.

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Hi Greensys Innovacion Tecnologica,
sorry for the delayed answer.

Most probably you are testing email notification from Acronis Management Server, however the backup e-mail notifications are sent from Acronis agents installed on the managed machines.
On the Management Server, navigate to Machines with Agents and connect directly to agent that failed to send a notification.
Click Options -> Machine Options. Send test e-mail from E-mail Notification options menu. It will fail too. Proceed to the next troubleshooting steps.

Prerequisites and troubleshooting steps you can find in the following article:

If the above doesn't help, please contact our support team for investigation:

Thank you,