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Vmware Backup To cloud Storage

Thread needs solution
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Hello Acronis

i hope this is the right place for submitting this question it seems i cannot get support to answer any of my questions.

and really make me question what support i will get when it will be critical.

the question is :

when i try to perches a licence for VMware i get only 1TB storage selection i guess i can see that i get 2 licences and i can see the price, i cannot see anywhere that indeed i going to get one account with total of 2TB storage or anything that explains how the storage licence works,

so when i buy 4 cloud storage licences is it mean i will have 4TB of overall space or i can use 1TB with 4 VMware licences in VMware cluster with 4CPUS.

Thanks stas

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Hello Stas,

Thank you for your posting! Acronis Backup for VMware to Cloud is licensed per host, not per CPU like in Acronis Backup for VMware. One license per one host is required. So if you purcahse 4 subscriptions of Acronis Backup for VMware to Cloud, every subscription will be assigned to one ESX host. For more information please refer to the following article.

Thank you,