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Acronis Backup Gateway in azure Deployment issue

Thread needs solution
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Dear all,

currently we have the backup gateway on one of our NAS systems.
We want to use azure in the future and i tried to install the Acronis Backup Gateway in Azure (
but I get a deployment error

{ "id": "/subscriptions/34c51f21-c7ea-4df6-9160-2eb15ba2d266/resourceGroups/GatewayAcronis/providers/Microsoft.Resources/deployments/", "operationId": "F6C01B7B189B38E8", "properties": { "provisioningOperation": "Create", "provisioningState": "Failed", "timestamp": "2019-08-02T11:27:53.3854653Z", "duration": "PT8M21.5075719S", "trackingId": "e8046cbf-99c2-438e-b8e8-4dd264400458", "statusCode": "Conflict", "statusMessage": { "status": "Failed", "error": { "code": "ResourceDeploymentFailure", "message": "The resource operation completed with terminal provisioning state 'Failed'.", "details": [ { "code": "VMExtensionProvisioningError", "message": "VM has reported a failure when processing extension 'InitializeStorage'. Error message: \"Enable failed: failed to execute command: command terminated with exit status=1\n[stdout]\n\n[stderr]\n\"." } ] } }, "targetResource": { "id": "/subscriptions/34c51f21-c7ea-4df6-9160-2eb15ba2d266/resourceGroups/GatewayAcronis/providers/Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/acronisstoragegateway/extensions/InitializeStorage", "resourceType": "Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/extensions", "resourceName": "acronisstoragegateway/InitializeStorage" } }}


 Does someone has similar issues or knows how to solve this?

Thanks in advance

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Hello Oliver,

thank you for your posting! 

Such issue should be investigated with the help of Acronis support team. But prior opening a support ticket, I'd ask you to verify the performed steps with the following documentation article

and also with Microsoft TechNet article:

If you only have Storage (general purpose v1), you need to upgrade your Azure account

Should the issue persist, please raise a support ticket and share the following information with the engineers:

- full error message and/or screenshots illustrating the issue

- step-by-step description of the deployment process done

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Ekaterina : We are getting exactly the same error deploying the template VM. We have reviewed both documents in your reply again and still have the error. When we run the template, we do NOT have an option for Storage (general purpose v2) to select.  We can upgrade it after the template completes. If we try to redeploy the template we get this message:

The resource group is in a location that is not supported by one or more of the resources in the template.

Please choose a different resource group.

I entered a support ticket Monday and heard nothing.  


Bob Aubry 

Main Street Software 

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Dear Bob,

sorry to know you've faced the same issue! Checked the status of the support ticket - our engineers are going to collect the diagnostic information required for the investigation and then escalate the ticket to the higher level for analysis I'd strongly recommend working on the issue with our support engineers, since the investigation would require the involvement of the dedicated specialists from the expert team.