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Acronis Cloud Backup Agent keeps forgetting network credentials

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I Have a strange Problem on one of our Servers that uses Acronis Cloud backup.

The Server itself is an old SBS 2008 Server. The Backup to Cloud works fine, althouth we do a second backup to a local NAS Server for redundancy purposes.

Regularly (almost daily now). i get the error that the backup could not create the file in the backup location.

The workaround i figured out for this is : Modify the backup job. copy the network path and browse for it again.

Reenter the Credentials and save the job. after that the job works fine again, untill the next sheduled job / 1-2 days later.

I tried to delete all Network credentials on the machine itself but i cant seem to find the issue. Any insight where the problem could lie? any further information needed? it drives me nuts to redo the same steps every day without finding a real solution

Posts: 1
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René Haus; we have seen this issue at our locations as well. Its annoying but takes less time to reenter than to try and fix. :(