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Agents keep dissapearing from console

Thread needs solution
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So this is what I have been dealing with this week: I install 1 machine with the most recent version of Acronis Backup, register it and perform a backup. I install another machine with most recent version of Acronis Backup, register it and perform a backup.

Suddenly the 1st machine stops appearing on the console sometime after performing the backup on the 2nd machine. When I try to register the 1st again it says its already registered so i follow this suggestion so the machine appears again. Problem is now the 2nd machine also disappears. And it just keeps going round and round.

At the moment this is happening between 4 machines, so i could really use some idea's.



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Support Engineer
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Hello Ruben!


It's Evgeny from Acronis Service Provider Support. 

The behaviour is strange and I can suggest you check two main things:


1) Check if you have same MMSCurrentMachineID and InstanceID on the machines where you installed the Agent. 


Every time an Agent is installed, a new entity is created in Acronis software and the machine is displayed in the Backup management console. When the Agent is reinstalled, a second entry might appear for the same machine and new backup archives for this machine will be created once old backup plans are applied. To prevent these duplicates from appearing, leave Remove the logs and configuration settings (Windows) or Clean up all product traces (Linux) cleared.


2) Check if you installed the Agent on a cloned or replicated VM


If these two points are not matching, then I suggest you contact our Support per the template


Have a good day! 


Evgeny Ryuntyu | Senior Support Engineer

Acronis Backup Cloud | #1 Cloud Service Provider Backup