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Amending previous backup contents

Thread needs solution
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Good afternoon all,


A bit of an odd one here that I'm hoping to explore a bit further: If I have backups created that I want to amend the contents of - is this possible?


A bit of context: We have a customer who has around 3 months of backups with a 6 month retention cut off - they have realised they have around 500GB of files they don't actually need and therefore don't want to backup anymore - to cut down on the cloud space without blowing away all of the backups, can this 500GB be "cut out" of previous backups?


I'm not expecting a "Yes" here - but thought I'd explore the situation Thanks in advance! :)

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Hello Phil,

thank you for your posting! The only way to decrease the size of an Cloud archive would be

  1. deleting recovery point(s) that contain unique data (files/ folders that are not present under other recovery points - when a file is already present in a previous backup, we create a symlink in the next incremental slice instead of backing up the actual data).
  2.  Delete some backup source(s) from the backup plan’s “Items to back up” section: 
  • For disk backup: uncheck one of the disks
  • For file backup: uncheck some files/folders

    Once done, wait until longest retention period passes.


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Hi Ekaterina,


Thanks for the feedback - I expected as much but its interesting to know about how the system manages these incremental slices none the less.


Kind regards,