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Application consistent backup, not full server

Thread needs solution
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It has been a while since I had to create or change settings in Acronis.

A client has just joined our services.
They have a server with quite a large amount of data.
I would like to install Acronis on it, just for their SQL data and AD.
However, I can only select application consistent backups when I select Full Server backup.
This would result in a large amount of data needing to be uploaded to the cloud, which they don't have the internet connection for.
Is there any other way I can do an application consistent backup without doing a full server backup?
I have used the search button, but I might have put in the wrong search options as it did not come back with any usable results.

Thank you.


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Hello Ivo ITC,

it's possible to create backups of SQL databases, if an Agent for SQL is installed on the machine with the SQL. Check out

A machine running Active Directory Domain Services can be protected by application-aware backup only.