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Backing up a large host daily

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I am using Acronis cloud to backup a large shared files area of a host. Unfortunately the files are generated by several software systems automatically and some of them drop literally thousands of small files into single subfolders. This has created a problem because the backup cannot complete in a day and for policy reasons we need to back it up daily.

When using a local backup solution we could work around this issue by creating a volume image backup which did not run into problems for attempting to parse the file system of the shared area.


Is there a way to do something similar with Acronis Cloud Backup, or is there another solution that could eb applied to this problem ?


The entire host is not backed up only a shared content area.

A file based solution is preferred because it helps improve retention capability, but if it is not possible volume backup is suficcient.

Any ideas ?

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For your case we'd suggest considering the following options:

  1. Increasing the process priority in the operating system. The priority of a process running in a system determines the amount of CPU and system resources allocated to that process. Decreasing the backup priority will free more resources for other applications. Increasing the backup priority might speed up the backup process by requesting the operating system to allocate more resources like the CPU to the backup application. However, the resulting effect will depend on the overall CPU usage and other factors like disk in/out speed or network traffic.

Detailed information is available here

  1. You may enable File Filters in the Backup Options and create disk-level backup with inclusion of the shared folder you would like to back up. In this case disk-level backup will be completed faster than file-level backup.

Detailed information about File filters is available in the Documentation article at

  1. Try to set up the backup start time when the files are already created in the folder and not many users are connected to that folder. For example, in such cases night hours are mostly suitable time for performing backups.

Hope this helps.