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Backup Plan is Not Applied

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I was having problems with the backups recently. Everything was working fine until the backups started to fail. I removed Acronis and reinstalled, rebooting the server in between. During the removal i selected to remove all scheduled backups and configuration files. After the reinstall, i applied my new backup job, but it does not run. The status on the server's Backup Monitor Shows "Backup Plan Not Applied". I see the server agent in the console, along with the job with no problem. I tried deleting and recreating the job and still have the same issue. Anyone know how to get the plan to apply and run?

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Hello RickR_TCF,

one of the possible causes could be connectivity issues. I'd start troubleshooting with checking access to the hostnames/IP addresses and ports listed in this article  I'd also recommend following the troubleshooting steps from the article Acronis Backup Cloud: Troubleshooting Synchronization Issues between Agents and Management Server  

If the issue still persists, please raise a support ticket for investigation.