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Backup suddenly extremely slow

Thread needs solution
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We've been using Acronis Backup for just over half a year and were really impressed with the speed. The backup window per server was often less than 30min. 2 days ago we updated our Acronis storage to version 2.5.0(1583). I'm not sure if there is a connection, but since yesterday the backups don't last 30min but more than 18h for some servers.

The problem is not with all of our 120 servers, only with about 30.

Unfortunately the support could not really help me up to now. In any case it was possible until recently to back up all our 120 servers between 2am and 6am and now the backups are running 24 hours a day.

Does anyone else have this problem? Is it maybe a bug caused by the Acronis storage?


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Hi Michael

Thanks for posting!


There aren't any known problems like that, so we'd need to convey an investigation to find out the root cause.

You mention that you have already discussed this with the support team and I have found the ticket that you have referred to.


I get how such performance issues affect the overall experience and we'll pay extra attention to the ticket.

Apologies that I can't give any solid information, yet let me promise you to have more priority put into the aforementioned ticket!