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Bandwith Limit just when replicating to the Cloud

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When you now set the network bandwith limit its also a limit for creating backups to a local NAS.

Then i ofcourse want to go full speed. I only want to limit the bandwith when replicating to the Cloud.

How can i do that?

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Hi there

Unfortunately this is not possible within the backup management console, the option for hybrid deployment where you replicate the same backup to the cloud as well as to local storage can have the option to restrict bandwidth or adjust the usage to a lower priority but this applies to the entire backup set and not to the individual backup locations within the set.

I hope this answers your question


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this is an issue for me, too.

Backup to local disk ist quick, but replication leaves my internet-connection nearly useless while replicating of Acronis Agent is active with unlimited bandwidth.