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Error occurred while reading the file.

Thread needs solution
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I received this message what means ? could be the link is off-line at moment of backup ?



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acitvity log atached

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453023-148703.txt 43.77 KB
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Hi Suporte

Based on the log you have provided I can see the following:

Archive 'Servidor-PC-7ABCAA7B-FDC4-424E-9895-3355ADAD2C14-51DEF5F9-9863-4756-B487-2C1B31D3D395A.tibx' is corrupted.

Archive validation error: Error 0xa1006e: Failed to validate archive 'Servidor-PC-7ABCAA7B-FDC4-424E-9895-3355ADAD2C14-51DEF5F9-9863-4756-B487-2C1B31D3D395A'.

As you can see on the above it seems that your archive has become corrupted what I would suggest firstly is to ensure that backup validation is enabled on your backup set and run the backup again. Then please advise if this resolves your issue if not please provide a new log after that backup


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Hello guys,


It's Evgeny from Acronis Service Provider Support.

The issue is known and will be fixed in Acronis Data Cloud 7.7 Update1. It is expected to be released during this summer.

The root cause is related to archive version update procedure is triggered on open and wants to read and write, but the encryption key is not yet provided on archive opening, so opening fails.

The internal reference that will be appearing in the release notes is ABR-165620


Best regards,


Evgeny Ryuntyu | Senior Support Engineer


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Thank you folks, but when this knowned , error o  occurs again, does we have to repeat backup or only skip the error ?



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Hello Suporte,

Sorry for delayed response! If you’re ok with waiting for 7.7U1, it will be possible to continue backing up to the same archive. Otherwise, you can create a new archive and workaround the issue before release of Update 1. I'd recommend waiting for the Update though, it should be available in the shortest time.