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Error when creating new cloud backup job through the web portal

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While trying to create a new backup job through the web portal I receive the error:

HTTP error: GET on 'http://accountsrv.service.consul/api/1/users/122841/' failed with code 500.
Error code 0x02910012
Additional info:
Error code: 18
Module: 657
LineInfo: 0x57D76ED4D7C6DB91
Fields: {"$module":"ams_core_protection_addon_lxa64_5193"}
Message: HTTP error: GET on 'http://accountsrv.service.consul/api/1/users/122841/' failed with code 500.
I am receiving this for all of our clients. I am not too familiar with the URI accountsrv.service.consul as it is not pingable and doesn't resolve to anything. Is anyone else seeing anything like this?
Update: It seems I am unable to adjust the schedules from the Webportal as well, although I can still configure the settings.
Also unable to log into any of my client's groups directly because I receive this error:
An error occurred during the application initialization.
Additional info is:
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Hello David,

My name is Eugene.

I'm from Acronis Service Provider Support team.

I checked our internal notes and found that issue is caused by the fact that account has multiple email addreses for notifications.

Solution is to change to single email.

The behavior is addressed in future Acronis Backup Cloud releases.


Best Regards,

Eugene Tanasiev

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Thank you, Eugene. That seems to have fixed the issue.