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Extension for Synology DSM

Thread needs solution
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Hi everyone

We have several customers using an Synology NAS. According the KB the way to go for a backup is installing the client on a separate client.

Is there an other solution like an Synology DSM extension on the way/in development?


Ramon Egger

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Hello Ramon,

Thank you for raising this topic! I have looked through our internal resources and found that this functionality is indeed planned for future releases, however there is no information on the exact release dates yet. I've added a reference to this thread to the existing feature request, so that the product management can have a better understanding of the users' needs. 

Without having an agent capable of running directly on a NAS device the only option is to back up data by accessing it via a network share. This way has some limitations e.g. creation of a snapshot for the file-level backups is not available. More detailed information on backing up a NAS can be found in this article 

Thank you,