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Feature request - Priority in backup plan and pre/post task with possibility to send enviroment variables

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Dear support,

It would be nice if you implement in next release this 2 features:

1) Priority backup plan: Actually in backup plan we can't choose sequence of VM backup. It would be nice to implement this feature to decide which VM backup first and which VM backup after in the same way as Veeam Backup


2) Pre/Post Task: It would be great to have possibility to put as an argument some enviroment variable in pre/post task. For istance in pre task I would like to specify VM Hostname in this way:

Pre Task: c:\test\test.bat @VMName@


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Support Engineer
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Hello Nicola and welcome to the Acronis forum!

I do appreciate your suggestions on helping us improve the product even further. I will pass both requests to our developers – the more votes for specific features we have, the better the chances that the improvements will be implemented sooner. I cannot promise you that the changes will be released in the next update, however, our developers will track how many users requested them. This will help us to keep improving the quality of the program.

Thank you!