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Filename is limited on encrypted Synology NAS drive

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I have an issue with backup storage on our own device. I'm using a Synology backup device with a encrypted share. This encrypted share has a limitation in the name of files, the limit of the filename length is 143.

When creating a backup with Acronis I see in the log that Acronis is trying to create the following file which failed:
The length of the temporary file is 148 and contains computername(9 char) and domainname (18 char).

How can I limit the lenght of the filename of Acronis?

Best regards,


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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Eric,

This temporary file is necessary to create the metadata for the local backup, and there is no way to limit it's length but to limit all non Acronis related parts (computer name and domain name).

A workaround I see for this issue is to create a backup in a non-encrypted share that would allow over 143 characters in a file name, and then use 3rd party tools to copy the created content to the encrypted share (you can even use the post-backup command to initiate this process). In this case you will not be able to select the final destination as a restore point in Backup Management Console, restore would be possible only using Bootable Media.

In any case please submit a support request to report this issue so it can be addressed properly.

Thank you,

Posts: 5
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Ok thanks, find a workaround now so problem is solved.