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Having backup status emails send to other "Users"

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Good afternoon,


We are currently in the process of trialling Acronis Cloud across some of our customers. My question is: Can backup notification emails for one user be sent to another user under the same customer?


A little context:

Our setup comprises of Multiple "Customers" registered under our "Partner" - each "Customer" has a single Company Admin user account that has all of that customers machines registered under it - from this we handle the administration of the customers from our partner accounts.


But one of our customers is now requesting they see the backup notification emails. We could simply setup email forwarding rules for the SMTP alias email address each customer has setup, but if this can be done from within the portal it would be far better.


I'd appreciate any feedback the community can give.





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Hi Philip!


It's Evgeny from Acronis Service Providers Support. 

The forwarding of emails is not present in the product.

The Customer's admin account (within the "Company" as you described) should have the following notification options:


This will allow the Customer admin to receive the emails on the address specified in the settings of this admin. 

If you wish to file a feature-request, please submit a support ticket with the use-case description so that we can assess with the Program Management team.



Evgeny Ryuntyu | Senior Support Engineer

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Hi Evgeny,


Thank you for the response - it was more specifically the Backup Success / Warning / Failure emails that go to the user the machines are registered under that we want to go to another user.


As you suggested; creating another Company Admin for the User that wants these has sorted this.


Many thanks again,


Phil :)