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How are Office 365 seats calculated?

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I'm new to the Acronis world and currently testing the Backup Cloud for Office 365 as a "downstream reseller" of another company testing this as top level supplier. 

I'm currently backuing up several Office 365 tenants and experience a bit of inconsistency as to shared mailboxes and seat usage. On one tenant I am not charged for shared mailboxes, but on another they seem to count towards total seat usage.

Is there any doccumentation available for how seats are counted?

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Hello Jørgen,

welcome to Acronis forums! According to our licensing, 1 shared mailbox should be considered as 1 seat regardless the number of users who access it (an Office 365 seat is considered protected as long as at least one backup plan is applied to the mailbox or OneDrive). 

If you observe a different behavior, I'd suggest raising a support ticket for investigation.

Thank you!