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Hypervisor Level backup and Guest backups

Thread needs solution
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Hi all :)


I've been experimenting with the Hyper-V agent to carry out backups of both the Host and Guest VM's


In order to save Cloud space, can you see any issues with the following method?:


Create an "Entire Machine" backup of the Host but filter out VHDX, VHD and HRL files, leaving in the Virtual Machine Config Files intact

Then backup each Guest VM, "Entire Machine"


As I see it, from this I would have the ability to:

1. Restore a VM  either entirely or files&folders


2. In the event of a total failiure of the Host, I could restore the Host OS, with Virtual Machine config files, then restore the Guest backup as a VM and attach the VHDX file to the VM in the hypervisor.


What I'm trying to avoid is having to backup both the Guest AND the Host in full, as to me that seems like un-needed duplication (backing up the VHDX, VHD, HRL files on the Host when a Disk/Volume level backup has been made of the Guest)


As always, your feedback would be most appreciated :)





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Hello Phil,

thank you for your posting! Yep, basically you can filter out the VM files in the backup of the Hyper-V host and protect VMs separately to avoid duplicating the data. Here our product manager also recommends this scheme. 

Thank you,