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I have a warning in every backup

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Hi I am new using Acronis, so I will need a little of help with common things about!

My first question is with a warning after every backup of a Linux Server. The backup is with the option Complete Machine and the warning is related with SWAP partition.

Here I put log register about;

Error 0x7002f: File exclusion is not supported.

| trace level: warning
| channel: tol-activity#E982396C-DAC4-4E69-84CD-AAC84020F43A
| line: 0xa5695862aaf8e7e3
| file: d:/3957/resizer/backup/backup.cpp:1158
| function: BackupPartitions
| volume: webserver-swap_1
| fstype: LINUXSWAP
| $module: disk_bundle_lxa64_3957


I hope receive your help and solve soon this, because my costumer is coming back crazy!!


Best regards from Chile


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Hi there

Can you please advise to which version of Acronis Backup Cloud you are on?

As an immediate recommendation you can try one of the following:

1. As workaround, you can make a file-level backup and specify exclusions.

2. You can try and write the exclusions as follows: C:\* + D:\*

I would also recommend that you check the proper drive letters by going to File Recovery and check the actual drive letters while browsing through the contents of the backup in this machine


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My name is Eugene.

I'm Sr. Support Engineer from Acronis Service Provider Support team.

According to out internal notes, the warning appear when a swap partition is included in 'Entire backup', while you have 'file exclusions' mentioned in backup options.

There are many ways to handle this:

1. ignore, since this warning is just an info.

2. go to backup options and clear 'file exclusions'

3. if you need file exclusions, then create a new disk/volume backup plan, but not include swap volume

4. follow Jay's recommendation creating file level backup, but not include all the volume ( this plan type is not designed for it)

By the way, warning 'File exclusion is not supported' in regards to swap partition and enabled file exclusion behavior, will be fixed in one of the next Acronis Backup Cloud releases. You can monitor for ABR-106383 in release notes.

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Спасибо мой друг!!

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Всегда рад помочь!