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Initial Seeding and Physical Data shipping

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Good day,

I have been reading this KB article regarding Initial Seeding and Physical Data Shipping:

I am slightly confused and a little concerned about the future of initial seeding. The article seems to suggest that the option to allow the service provider to perform the initial seed on behalf of their customer is not going to be available in the future, and that the only option will be to ship a HDD to Acronis using a courier or mail.

I would like to find out what the future of initial seeding is as it is a vital option here in my country where a number of our service providers need to seed data for their customers due to bandwidth restrictions.

I appreciate any information and assurance.

Thank you.


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Hello Nick,

thank you for raising this question! I've forwarded it to the product management and will share an update, once we have more information. 

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Clarified the topic with the product management and here the update

With Physical Data Shipping service, it’s possible to perform the data shipping on behalf of customers. Partners can do initial backup and then register the upload requests and send the drives with the initial backups to the Acronis’ datacenter.

However, the upload will be performed by Acronis. Partners cannot perform uploading on their own. We plan to support partners’ uploading in the future (internal ID for reference ABR-127511).


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Nick, another note - both services Initial Seeding and Physical Data Shipping will exist in parallel. Partners, who use Initial Seeding can continue using it and upload customers' data directly.