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Issue with doing a bare metal restore to a HP Proliant Microserver

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I recently had to replace the drives on a HP Proliant Microserver Gen8.  We use Acronis Cloud as the backup solution for that physical server. 


When I tried to use the bootable ISO that comes with Acronis Cloud,  I can't see the RAID array of the server.  It uses the B120i RAID Controller.  The bootable ISO can read the backup data but it does not see the RAID array so I can't restore the data.

I referred to this article as part of my troubleshooting:

I created a bootable WinPE media to use as an alternative boot media.  ( See


 When I use the bootable WinPE media,  I get an error when trying to read the backup data. "Failed to obtain backup contents".

I have also tried the custom boot media from Acronis that supposedly has B120i RAID driver.  But it also gets the "Failed to obtain backup contents"  error when trying to read the backup data. 

If there is anyone out there that may know what to do. Please let me know. 





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Hi Michael!


"Failed to obtain backup contents" message comes up because the build number of Acronis Data Cloud is higher that of Acronis Backup 12.5 - 12420 vs 11010

And with the higher build number comes a slightly updated version of the archive that an older build does not recognise.


We will update the Knowledge Base article with this info, but in the meantime I have sent a link to download the newer installer.

I cannot post links as such out in the open to avoid users with other problems downloading the build and making things worse :)


Let me know if you got it!