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List of all Backup Plans?

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Where can I see the list of all backup plans under one's Tenant? I can choose among backup plans, but I do not need that. I need an overview of plans (plans, applied clients, etc...).

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Hello ozi,

widgets available in Overview - Operations will give you an overview of operations related to a particular tenant (see the web help for Operations)

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Thank you for providing information and sorry for my late reply.
However, this is not the information I seek; I tried to create a widget with desired information but this does not provide desired information.

What I need is an overview of all backup plans created and/or deployed (in use or not) per tenant.
In particular, I have a problem with one backup job, where I moved O365 client to another machine and also recreated the backup job. While backups are working fine, I get an error message with old reference and error message "No backup items were resolved".

Anyway, I think that such backup list should exist, no?

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Ozi, apologies for delayed response!


We plan to add general Backup Plan overview and Manage panel in future versions. It will work on per-tenant level and will help solve issues caused by the scenario that you describe.


In the meantime, the Support team has the tools to assist you, please send me a private message with login name (no password please :) ) and a screenshot of the error message that you see.