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Merging/Linking existing Virtual Machine Backup to new Virtual Machine

Thread needs solution
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Hi all,


Quick question: I have a Guest VM (lets call it VMold) with a Full Disk/Volume backup captured from the Host level (agentless)

If I restore "VMold" to a new Host, creating "VMnew", is there a way to link/merge the "VMold"  backups to  "VMnew" and pick up where "VMold" backups left off

Or do I have to start backups again from scratch for "VMnew" on the new Host?


Many thanks,



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Support Engineer
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Hi Phil,


It's Evgeny from Acronis Service Provider Support.


The exact scenario you want to achieve does not seem to have been tested officially, but I can suggest you a way.

We have tested the scenario on how to continue backing up to an existing archive with a new backup plan, you can find more details in the following Knowledge Base article

Taking into account that you will restore the machine to a new Host, please make sure you have the Agent registered on the same account, managing that host.

Please check if this instruction helps to achieve the result you want.



Evgeny Ryuntyu | Senior Support Engineer

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