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MMS Service will not start

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Anytime I try to restart the MMS service I get the Windows error 1053.

I've attempted to reset the Service timeout period to double what it was originally set to, however what's strange is that during a service start, it immediately fails.

When checking event viewer, I can see that Acronis throws an error which tells me there was an "Error while writing to the file". Further in the error it calls out a file, "e:\72\file\windows\win32_file.cpp:247". However there is no E drive present on this machine.

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Hi Kevin

Can you please advise what service logon you are using for the MMS service?


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Hello Kevin,

First of all, please check if the user account under which Acronis Managed Machine service (MMS) is running has required rights according to the following KB:
“e:\72\file\windows\win32_file.cpp:247” in this case is the internal path of failing process. 
If MMS could not start by LocalSystem and LocalAdmin user please collect the crashdump ( and system report ( from the affected machine and raise a support ticket for investigation.