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My ISP use Acronis. But don't work. No valid assistance on it. Please Help

Thread needs solution
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Hi guys! My isp use Acronis for backup service to his customer.

No valid assistance. Please Help Me.

I have a Dedicated Server.

With Acronis software gived from ISP is all backup ok. 

But when i try recovey, don't work properly:

The service can't reboot machine (i think) and this error:

recovery blocked to 1% and after give me this error:

{"reason":"internalError","date":"2019-04-01T17:14:35.575942+00:00","troubleshoot":null,"effect":"ZmqGw::JobRunner","cause":"TOL: Activity with ID = 'BE95679C-6834-4243-A46E-F364BFD2E7EC' has no associated worker.","context":{"effect_str":"ZmqGw::JobRunner","operation":"unknown","_internal":"0:0:-1","cause_str":"TOL: Activity with ID = 'BE95679C-6834-4243-A46E-F364BFD2E7EC' has no associated worker."},"serCode":"0x00F90004+0x01350014","origin":{"text":"ZmqGw::JobRunner","linetag":"0x0000000000000000","code":4,"fields":{"$module":"zmq_infra_lxa64_10790"},"module":249,"suberror":{"text":"TOL: Activity with ID = 'BE95679C-6834-4243-A46E-F364BFD2E7EC' has no associated worker.","linetag":"0x6708BE0A5B5D3D67","code":20,"fields":{"$module":"mms_lxa64_10790","TraceLevel":"1"},"module":309,"suberror":null}}}

Internal server error.

Codice errore 100011

01 Apr, 2019, 19:14



Port are open. Please help me or suggest me where i must see

Thanks a lot!!



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Hello andsec,

as quick solution I can suggest you to try the recovery via Bootable Media, please check the following KB:

However to understand the root cause of the issue we need:

1) account ID- so we can check the logs on our side

2) I suggest verify the connection via the  tool you can find: