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Plesk and Acronis Backup Cloud

Thread needs solution
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I am testing Plesk Multi Server and Acronis Backup Cloud.

I managed to install the agent and connected it to my account. Port Check was OK. Now when I want to activate the backup, it tells me that  it "Cannot enable backup". Backup Switch is still "Disabled".  I see the backups which I have created manually in the Backup Cloud console. When I click on this one, it tells me "Cannont access the backup created ..."

I set up a seperate Plesk Webserver too to test it undependent from plesk multiserver.

I followed the manual you provide with the agent.

Is there something I have missed?


Edit on 01.08.2017: Concerning Plesk, the Acronis Backup tool has not been tested on Plesk Server or Plesk Multi Server. Can I assume that the tool is not ready yet?

Quote from Acronis Forum:

"The Acronis Backup Cloud extension is not officially supported yet and it was not properly tested nor with the single Plesk server, nor with the Plesk Multi Server. My recommendation is to wait until we will publish it in our Extensions Catalog"


Is there an effort to do so in the near future?


Kind regards


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Hello John,

This is Pavel from Acronis Service Providers Support team and I'll be glad to assist you in finding the necessary information or solution.

Although it hasn't been tested yet, your feedback can significantly assist us in finding weak spots and issues. We'll be glad to investigate the issue for you if you could provide us some additional information.

Could you please collect the logs from both the Agent and the Extensions and share it with us via a request to ?

  • Agent logs can be collected via the Console or manually on the device with the Agent installed, following instructions from
  • Extension logs from Plesk can be located in two main paths:

All those can be put into a single archive and attached to the email sent to with a brief description and topic forum link for the reference.

Once the logs are collected we will get back to you via email in the same thread and work until we have a solid solution.

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Hello Pavel

Thanks for your reply. The requested files are sent to


Kind regards