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Post-backup script not executed if backup fails

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Hi, we have many servers where we setted pre/post-backup scripts where mainly on pre-backup stop one o more services and on post-backup restart them.

Unfortunately we notice that if backup fails does NOT run post-backup script with important services that remain stopped and must be restart manually the next morning causing problems for customers.

I did a fast search but I not found a wait to solve it (except doing them in fixed time scheduler out of backup that is not good).

Is there a way to execute the post-backup script even if backup fails that I not found?

Thanks for any reply and sorry for my bad english.

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Hi Emilio

What are the function of the pre/post scripts, are they there for MySQL or stopping services of non-VSS-aware application before snapshot and starting them after backup. Basically why do you have the scripts in place?

With what error message does the backup fail?


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Hi, thanks for reply. The pre/post-backup script stop/start services that significantly slow down the backup and/or make the backup fail due to lack of memory (it seems about big storage differences from the snapshot onwards).

Here a screenshot from activity of one backup failed that not had executed post-backup script:

I saw also another important issue, on some backups where there are unexpected case seems block backup for long time (also 20-30 hours before continue or give backup error and terminate), latest weekend I saw it in a total of 7 servers, all with cloud backup, in 3 different clients (therefore not due to the connection of a single customer) 5 failed (and with post-backup script not executed) and 2 completed correctly like this:

Note: 1 had already number of retry in errors settings to 3; so I suppose that change the number of retry and its interval in the backup plan not solves these issue...

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Hello Emilio,

currently, the execution of a post-backup command directly depends on the successful completion of the related backup task. I've added this forum topic as a vote for the existing change request (internal ID for ref ABR-63219)

> block backup for long time (also 20-30 hours before continue or give backup error and terminate)

I'd recommend raising a support ticket for this issue, so that our engineers can look into the situation and help.