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Register a Server to Multiple Clients

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We are an IT Consulting & Support Company. We have multiple clients have installed and use Acronis Cloud Backup Solution (especially server part).

We have also backup servers to our offices in the case that a client's server fault.

Can we have the option to Recover client backup to a server on our offices, ready to replace the fault server?

Can we register this server to a multiple clients Acronis Cloud Backup accounts?


Thank you

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Hi George

You can have a look at the large scale disaster recovery:

Alternatively if you have all of the login credentials you can recover to any server you wish by means of using the bootable ISO image or restoring to a physical machine granted that the machine you are restoring to can access the backed up data either via cloud or local

I hope this answers your question

Kind regards

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Thanks for the reply.

Yes i have the login credentials and i try to Register a server in my office to a client account and i manage to recover some files.

I see the Large Scale Recovery but i need to pay for an extra license (for all of my clients). I will think about it while i make some offer to my clients.

My question is if i can register a server (that is in my office) to multiple customer accounts....

Thanks for advanced...

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Hi there

Can you please elaborate on exactly what you would like to achieve with the following:

"My question is if i can register a server (that is in my office) to multiple customer accounts"

My understanding is you have a server in your office which you use as a stand by server should your customers environment crash you will provide them with the server to minimize the RTO. But you would like to use one server for multiple customers.

If the above is correct then in theory yes it is possible to recover multiple customers data to a single server (Granted that you do not perform an entire machine backup) but then delivering the server to one customer will cause a security violation/GDPR violation as you will have other customers data on the same server

What I do for our customers is we have what is called a virtual data center located in South Africa which we can spin up a virtual machine for a customer for use until they repair their physical server or continue to use should they wish to and get rid of the physical server. We have the same in Azure for our customers who do not want their VM to reside in South Africa

I hope this guides you in the right path to what you would like to achieve


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Thank you for your reply ... you cover me 100% (i not give a thought for GDPR matter having in a server varius client's data!).

I will create some VMs for my critical cituations (localy and on the cloud to)..

Thanks again