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Registrierte VM (Agent) wird nicht in der Management Konsole angezeigt

Thread needs solution
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Guten Tag,

ich habe aktuell das Probelm das ich bei einer VM-Umgebung mit 11 Maschinen nur 10 in der Management Konsole sehe und sichern kann.

Bei der letzten VM ist es so das die Registrierung am ende des Agent-Setups in einem Time-Out endet.

Die Maschine per CMD-Befehl zu registrieren wird mit Erfolg bestätigt aber die VM wird nicht in der Konsole angezeigt.

(Siehe Bild = Nutzerdaten sind ausgeschwärzt )

Gibt es einen anderen Workaround der in einem solchen Fall helfen kann?



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Hello Johannes 

It's Evgeny from Acronis Service Provider Support.

As far as I understand you are facing an issue with the VM not appearing in the console although the machine registers correctly.

Please verify the below points:

  1. Check for firewalls or anti-virus software.
  2. Check connectivity to DC with Connection verification tool.
  3. Try telnet to the AMS port received on previous step (full list of ports/names can be found in the following article)
  4. If nothing helps you troubleshoot the root cause of the issue, please collect the offline sysinfo per the article  and submit a support ticket to us according to the Support Providers Guidelines.


Evgeny Ryuntyu | Senior Support Engineer

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Hello Evgeny,

thanks for the information.

The port check has put me on the right track.
The affected VM belongs to a different cloud group in our system and the policy for the group has not been adjusted for the ports.
2 necessary ports were not open.
The part is done now.

Now I've created a new customer because it's a different cloud group. I do not receive any mail to activate the user.

@ is listed under Trusted sender.
Is not synonymous with spam / junk.

Is this problem known?

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Hello Johannes,

It's worth raising a support ticket for the issue with mails, seems to be related to the particular environment as we are not aware of any known issues affecting emails. 

Thank you, 

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The solution was that the DCO admin found our mail-adress in the list "destination unreachable" on mailgun email service ( They removed it form this list and now the e-mail arrive again.