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Restore from .TIB file

Thread needs solution
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Our company has been testing with Acronis Backup Cloud.

Since we want to test every possible restore method, I wanted to test restoring from the .TIB file.


The customers office has data loss due to a powerloss, this means the cloud won't be reachable at that moment.
If we could download the .tib file from the cloud (Azure  or Acronis) we could restore from a USB EHD.

EDIT: ofcourse one of my co-workers would download the .TIB file in our office, while I'm offering support on location.


The problem here is: I cannot for the love of me find a way to restore the .TIB files.

Is there something that I'm missing?

Kind Regards,

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Hello Maik,

I would recommend to use Large Scale recovery (LSR)

LSR will download all backups associated with one agent


Later on you may proceed with disk/volume or file recovery using Bootable media


I am always at your service should you have any further questions.



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I used to have Acronis Cloud Backup, and since we discontinued the contract, I have a tib file than I need to descompress

can you help me?



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Hello Claudio,

You have the following options:

Install an Agent (here a download link ) and used it to recover data from the .tib

Burn a bootable media and perform recovery under a bootable media