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Transfer backup data between private clouds

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Hello We use Acronis Cyber Cloud Backup, and have two private clouds (Acronis Cyber Infrastructure), in two different geographic locations. We have some customers storing backup in one location, and other customers storing backup in another location, all managed on the same Backup Cloud console. Obviously, these two private clouds are registered in this same environment, and I chose in what location our customers are going to save their backups. My problem is, I have a customer saving backups in one location, and I want to transfer their backup data to other location, in order to continue saving backup data there. I tought about activating replication from one site to another, let it replicate, and after that delete backup data on the original location and change the location on the customer settings, because I have the message that I can't change backup location of a customer while is still data on it. Or there's a better way?

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Hello Adriano,

thank you for your posting! I'm afraid there is indeed no easy way to accomplish your task..I can only recommend contacting Acronis Professional Services, where the dedicated experts can help and advise on the proper ways to migrate the data in your scenario.