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Unable to select folder

Thread needs solution
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I need to backup a Mac OS X. When i'm trying to select folder there is a message :

Informations additionnelles:
Code d'erreur: 2
Module: 38
LineInfo: 0xEA40B4277FBFB9ED
Champs: {"$module":"disk_bundle_macia64_3917","string":"\r"}
Message: URI non valide : Caractère incorrect rencontré.
Can you help me ? I don't understand why...
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Hello Tristan,

I see, that you already work on this issue with Acronis support team. I'll post the outcome here for other users.

"URI is invalid: Incorrect symbol encountered" error message means that backup source contains special symbols in name which could not be represented properly in unicode, therefore browsing of the folder failed. 
The issue with incorrect symbol parsing has been reported to the dev team, the internal number for reference is ABR-118934. 

The root cause for this error is when some file in the folder contains control character in its name (

If you see that this is indeed the case, you may want to apply the following workarounds while the issue is being fixed on our side: 
- rename original files, if possible (in example, if there are only few of them) 
- select entire disk for backup and then set up appropriate file filters options (

A permanent fix will be in the next agent-related release. 


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Hello, has this been resolved?  Attempting to complete file/folder backups on Mac OS 10.11 and cannot browse user's directory.  Latest client installed.


URI is invalid: Incorrect symbol encountered.


Sep 13, 2017, 04:01:22 PM







Additional info:

Error code: 2
Module: 38
LineInfo: 0xEA40B4277FBFB9ED
Fields: {"string":"\u000b","$module":"disk_bundle_macia64_3917"}
Message: URI is invalid: Incorrect symbol encountered.