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Unique Event ID's for Windows Event Logging

Thread needs solution
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Good afternoon all,


We're currently experimenting with integrating Acronis Event Logging via Windows Event Viewer into a 3rd Party remote management console.


The issue we are having is, it appears Acronis only outputs a single Event ID of "1" regardless of the actual event that took place.


My question is - are (or would) Acronis looking to change this so the reported Event ID is relevant to the Event that took place?


I have attached a screen shot


Many thanks,



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Hello Phil,

Yes, currently all of our events have the Event ID of 1, which limits the possibility of parsing our events or using them with the third party software. There are plans to improve system event logging (internal ID for reference ABR-57883), I've added your feedback as a vote for this feature request. 

Thank you, 

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Thanks Ekaterina, that's appreciated.


Kind regards,