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VMware backup - VPS environment

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I'm evaluating Acronis Cloud Backup and the product looks great but I can't find how to proceed with our VPS infrastructure.

We have a VMware infrastructure with many customers VPS and want to backup these VMs with Acronis Cloud Backup. All these VPS runs in the same vCenter Server, idealy customer should be able to restore his files/VMs and application items by himself (in-place for the VM)

What I did :

- Create a new Customer

- Create a new unit per Customer

- Add the vCenter Server at the Customer level


Is it possible to assign VMs to units ?

How to proceed for a case like our ?


Thanks for your help,


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Julien, hello!


Thanks for posting!

As I understood, you are providing your customers with virtual machines that you host yourself and seek options to protect those machine by Acronis Backup Cloud.


I gather that you use the Agent for VMware or a VMware appliance to populate the Backup Console with the VMs.

Using that approach you can't split the VMs between the untis (Unit-level tenant in the Management Console).


What I can suggest is to install the agents for Windows directly inside the VMs and register them to the respective user-level tenants in the Units.


Depending on how things are set up you can use different methods to push the agents down inside each VM, for example via Policy rules ->

Also another method described here ->


We do have some ideas to allow splitting the VMs hosted by a single vCenter nto different units, but this is still beyond the horizon for now.


Let me know if you have any further questions!