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WHMCS default language

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If the user is not logged in to the WHMCS shop the default language for the Acronis module (custom fields by order) is English instead of German.

I've changed the default language in the file «/public_html/modules/servers/AcronisBackupService/app/Acronis/Standard/Helpers/LanguageMap.php»
-> const DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_ISO = 'de';
But it didn't solved my issue.

If I change the code in the file «iso-languages.json» (/public_html/modules/servers/AcronisBackupService/lang/iso-languages.json) like this
"english": "de",
"german": "en",
It doesn't change the langue on the user page. For this reason it seems as if the code will be oversteered by some other, higher ranked code.

Many thanks for your support.
Kind regards

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Hello Sybille​,

Thank you for your posting! I see, that you have an open support ticket #02940756. To provide recommendations for your particular case, we'd request the following information:

1. WHMCS version and Acronis version 
2. If it's possible, please provide info about: does WHMCS working on virtual hosting or as a part of cpanel/plesk, or it is clean installation. 
3. PHP error logs, php error logs files and etc. Even though there is no errors in WHMCS logs and on the screen, please make sure that PHP log files does not contain any errors 
4. PHP version 
5. admin account used for provisioning 

Thank you in advance!