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512n image to 512e partition?

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 Using B&R 11.7, I tried to install a 512n image to a 512e partition on a different PC with the rescue media. I never got to the first graphic's screen. While on the (b&w) screen I got a "Kernel Panic" message, done.

I vaguely remember an Acronis app that would convert between some formats. Maybe?

Is any of this possible or have I lost it?

thanks for any insight,


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Hello Michael,

Thank you for your posting! As far as I know neither of Acronis products offer the functionality of converting sector size formats, however the sector size shouldn't be an issue unless you're trying to clone to a target drive with a different sector size, see Acronis Software: Advanced Format Drives Support  Recovery from a backup of a drive with different format should work fine.

Regarding the issue with a bootable media, I'd recommend trying solutions listed in Acronis Bootable Media Fails to Load with "Kernel panic" and if the issue persists, creating a WinPE bootable media.