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About "Error #1314 - A required privilege is not held by the client"

Thread needs solution
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This is to let the people know what worked for me while trying to resolve Error #1314.

I tried to do a remote backup using the management agent console, and after setting up all the BU parameter and said "Go!" I got this error message. I was admin on both initiating computer and on the remote. Looking up for a solution, I noticed that people have been complaining on this since 2005 in wilderssecurity forum without any resolution.

Note that although Acronis KB explains how to resolve this when you have a Scheduled task, I had no such thing.

My solution (may nor work for your setup though, since other factors may initiate this error message):
1. On the remote computer, open Services under Administrative Tools.
2. Find Windows Firewall/ICS in the list, STOP it and DISABLE it.
Important: Disable this service - leaving it on Auto or Manual is not enough!
3. Now try again to run the remote backup job.

It worked for me (note: remote was Server 2003).

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Hello Jake!

Thank you for finding time to joing us and share your experience with the others, it's really great, we appreciate it!

I will make the thread sticky so that other visitors could have this solution close at hand.

Should you have any suggestions, questions or concerns - please, don't hesitate to share it with us, we will be glad to help you!

Thank you!

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Just so you know I have the exact same issue. Single user BRAND NEW CLEAN WIN 7 32 BIT Install on an older Dell Inspiron 8600. The only things I have done are Install Acronis and Change the user name. The guest account is turned off so there is just one Administrative user.

I started Acronis by right clicking "Run as Administrator" - made no difference.

I am trying to create the secure zone in unallocated space.

Acronis 2009 - I would give you the version but of course it is now in some obscure place no one can remember instead of help, about like EVERYONE was used to.