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ABR10 - Very Slow Restore

Thread needs solution
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- Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced Server - Virtual Edition (v10.0.11639) Management Console and ESX Applicance component are installed on a Proliant 380 G5 Windows 2003 SP2 server with 2-CPU/Quad-Core with 4 GB RAM, 1 Gbits NIC. 2.66 Ghz Xeon CPU
- Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Agent is installed on a remote Virtual Machine (1 CPU, 2 GB RAM) running in VMware ESX3.5 U2 on HP Proliant BL 460c G1 with 32 GB RAM on this ESX host.
- 1 Gbits LAN connection end-to-end
- Have not yet tried installed ESX Appliance VMware ESX3.5 U2
- A Personal vault is created to point to Data Domain DD660 unit.

I am currently running trial version to test out this product and so far the backup job of a 109 GB file took about 1 hr to complete (40 MB/sec, but the restore job of the same backed up file would take 5.5 hours to complete (5 MB/sec). The file is restored to the same file server and volume that it was backed up from.

Note: When I use BackupExec v10D to backup and restore the same file, both backup and restore would complete in 1 hour.

Has anyone experienced similar issue?

Thanks for your input.


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Hello Hieu Cao,

Thank you for your post. I will certainly help you with this.

Due to many factors that can cause this, for example, backup location, restoration method - bootable CD or Windows, the best way to investigate and resolve this issue would be to contact our support directly. Please describe your backup scenario in more detail, your backup location and collect AcronisInfo report from the Management Console machine.

Let me know if you require additional assistance please.

Thank you.

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I am seeing the same problem. I am trying to restore to a VM for a Disaster Recovery test and I am finding it very slow. aprox 3Mbps. The backup to Data Domain of the physical server only takes 35 min to create a 7.2GB uncompressed file. Restore to a physical server booting from a CD takes a long time as well. Backups never do.

I would expect it to take a little longer because Data Domain has to unpack the data before providing it. However, tests of restore from Backup Exec have not taken nearly as long.

My recent experiences with Acronis Support have not been very promising so I'm not holding my breath...

Anton - Do you know if this problem has been looked at internally?

Troy Gotschall

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Hello Troy,

Thank you for posting. I will do my best to assist you.

I have checked our internal resources including known issues in our Quality Assurance team and we do not have such cases with slow restores. It appears, that each individual issue needs to be localized and troubleshooted independently. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

If you experience any delays or problems with your support request, please contact me and I will take care of it.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you.

Thank you.

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I am running into similar recovery problems with TI 2015. I backed up an entire secondary data partition. It took about 6 hours. and the backup file is about 681 GB. The recovery of this same data back to it original partition is going to take 2 days and 17 hours. WHAT THE HELL? The machine on which the recovery is running is basically idle, except for the recovery running. A 75 GB backup is taking over 6 hours to recover. Why is this happening? Acronis TI 2015 is using perhaps 20% CPU, and the backup is stored on an external HD using USB3. I've tested all my external drives. Data transfer is about 100 MB/s on all of them.


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Having the same issue. This is not an isolated event, Acronis. I can't believe I paid money for this (for THREE copies, no less). What good is a backup program that can't restore?

Backing up ~250GB - about an hour
Restoring ~250GB - about 1 day 13 hours.

I'm running no anti-virus for this test, and Win7 x64 on a six-core 3.5GHz processor, 8GB of RAM and no other running processes. USB 2.0. And typically, reading from an external USB drive is faster than writing to, so if anything this should be FASTER to restore, not slower.

Please update with suggestions.

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Hello El Loco,
can you please clarify which Acronis product you use?

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I'm having the same problem and it is now 2020!   So far I haven't seen any response from Acronis on the issue.

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James Boone wrote:

I'm having the same problem and it is now 2020!   So far I haven't seen any response from Acronis on the issue.

Hello James, thank you for your posting! What product are you using here? I'd recommend raising a new topic in the related forum section, so that we can provide more specific advice. This topic was dedicated to the old Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 solution.