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Acronis 10 Full image corrupts SEP 14.2 Build 3335 virus definition files

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first of all, I know that Acronis 10 is EOL, but we rely on it because we have several scripts using the commandline version of Acronis, so we cannot easily update to a newer version.

at the moment, we are deploaying multiple PCs with Acrons 10 as a backup solution, as well as Symantec Endpoint protection (SEP) 14.2 Build 3335, and the following annoying behaviour can be reproduced on every PC with WIndows 7 32 Bit we run it on. We found that Symantec 14 Build 3335 as well as the latest build 5323 are affected, an older build (1904) is not affected, but is outdated.

What happens is the following:
SEP 14.2 has the latest virus definition updates, the status is "green" in the Status view. If we start a full harddisk backup of the system drive using Acronis 10, after a few seconds, the status turns from green to yellow, and a little later a Messagebox appears saying

"Corrupted virus Definition Files" - "Symantec endpoint protection has determined that the virus definitons are missing..."

This behaviour cannot be repaired by searching for new updates as long as there are no newer signature update files available online as the ones that were previously installed. So you have to wait for a day or so to fix it. Another solution to fix this is to do a repair installaition using the control panel -> Add remove programs -> Symantec 14 -> Repair, but as soon as you do a full harddisk backup using Acronis again, the behaviour reappears.

Did anybody ever notice a similar behaviour? I can actually reproduce it on every Win7 machine I try...
I have the strong assumption that Acronis filter drivers somehow destroy the files, but I was not able to find out what is actually happening.

Any solution or idea would be highly appreciated, thanks!

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Hello Erik,

welcome to Acronis forums!

Since Acronis Backup 10.0 has not been maintained for more than 7 years, nobody will test this behavior. However, I suggest that you try the following workarounds:

1) check if VSS is used and try an alternative variant (Acronis snapshot vs.VSS snapshot);
2) disable Symantec during the backup creation (Symantec services can be stopped/started before and after the backup is created with pre-/post-commands);
3) add Acronis processes to Symantec exclusions;
4) upgrade to the Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 which Command-line has much in common with Acronis Backup 10.0.